Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blessed beyond any measure

I always love the sight of rainbows it gives me a sense of peace and a reminder that God has so much more to offer me in life.  I often put too much expectation on all that I do when I should just be myself and let God lead me.  My mind has been distracted lately with all that has transpired in my life during the past couple of weeks.  Lost of love ones, experiences, and changes in all aspects of my life.

Change is good it may not be where I would want to be but where God wants me to be.  My confidence stems from God.  Jesus' death reminds me of all that He did to save you and me.  We all make mistakes or traveled down the wrong path.  But God never did leave it's through our situations whether good or bad that we learn and grow.  It is what makes us stronger in faith that He will take care of things and guide us to the path He wants us to be on.

I have no regrets but compassion for all that has happened.  I believe that and I live that. First know that God loves you so much....and I do too.  May you become closer to God and feel His amazing presence.  YOU are a special gift from God.  Happy Resurrection Day!  ~vaya con dios~

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