Friday, October 24, 2014

Seasons of life

Have you ever wondered why things happen and why all at once? Been going through some life decisions and often asked, "God why ME?" All I could hear was...."daughter you have a so much to experience YOUR life is about to change tremendously TRUST in me and live your life according to my word and everything will unfold.  Be patient, be resilient, and be faithful.  You are an amazing person and don't every doubt the ability you have to touch others with my love and compassion."

Well, I didn't hear that all in one sitting but for the past couple of days I have been hearing this.  Although I cry and I want to feel loved I missed the ultimate LOVE that God offers.  I may not be experiencing it through the people I meet but I have been through my talks with the Lord and He is building me up to something special.

To all my family and friends...I LOVE YOU! I may have laid out my heart to more than I should. I'm done crying and feeling sorry for myself.  It's time to LIVE not to every one's expectations but to God's.  I've stumbled, I didn't listen and I fell but God picked me up and He forgave me more than I deserve to be forgiven.  What awaits I have no idea but I know it's going to be an amazing ride. Jesus you made the ultimate sacrifice for us. I died to my old self and I am renewed in the God's love.  He has given me another chance to live my life and to be blessed, to be a blessing and to inspire blessing unto others.  ~vaya con dios~

I will not stay on this bench too long to reflect I have the Father's business to attend to....see you if I see you.  

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