Friday, July 22, 2016

Have you ever felt that you are being taken advantaged? So much that you have given up so much that even your closet friends see what others are doing and you end up denying it.

Yeah I've been drawn into it time and time again.  I thought I need to do this because I love this people so much.  So much that I'm not living the life God is sought out for me.  I cry for the many things I still want to do and have no means possible right now to do it.  This prompted me to realize that it’s not my time it’s God time that things will resolve.  

I don't want the glory I don't want to be the star what I want to be is loved and to be happy.  For the longest time I felt like I had to do what they asked to not get blasted verbally.

Boy was I wrong.  Love can be shown in different ways if you don't have the funds there are other ways to show your love.

We don't need to be Mr. or Mrs. Jones but what we need to do is be true to you and don't change for someone else. Smile and don't let someone get the best of you.  

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