Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Question Strength of Schedule Question

The sad part is Why is ESPN trying to cause this frustration and anger? The Huskies team as per player is Giving Most Of Their Glory and Worship to the Lord! The other teams in the top twenty strength of schedule is very similar to the Huskies.  That is very petty and tacky to constantly bring this up daily. They have a Hidden Agenda!!! As for Washington State they know they Have to Get Pass the Huskies to Be the Best in the State Of Washington. All the Rest is Gravy.  They are Good as well as two weeks rest to prepare for the Huskies. However the Lord’s plan is Better Than Any Man!!! ;)))
Only Florida State #3 is the only team that Alabama has played ranked. *Fresno State(UW), Colorado State(lost to Colorado 17-3), Vanderbilt, Mississippi (Non Ranked (NR) 2-3 No Thanks to California beating them 27-16!), Texas A&M (NR 4-2, lost to UCLA in Double Overtime 45-44), Arkansas (NR 2-5, 2-6 after Alabama 10/14), Tennessee (NR 3-2, bye 10/7), LSU (NR, 4-2, beat #21 Florida 17-16), Mississippi State (NR 2-3,  bye 10/7, play Alabama Nov. 11), Nov. 18 is Mercer??? WHAT DIVISION IS THIS TEAM. I COULD NOT FIND THEM IN DIVISION ONE A 128 Teams.  And Finally #12 Auburn on November 25. Interesting, ESPN Strength of Schedule is Hokey Dokey with Sidewinder Slippery Ssssss!!!!!

Friday, April 07, 2017


Life is like the view of the ocean limitless. The vast openness of the sea is a symbolism of endless possibilities. The waves represent  the various parts of our lives meaning the low tide the calm and at peace periods and the high tide the challenging and rough times. The crashing of the waves represents the way we used these periods of our lives to past on to others as learning experiences. You see things happen for a reason and it's not for us to dwell too much on our success and troubles but to let go and move on to what else is in store.  ~kamuela~